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Sunday, April 15


My family at Easter.
Minus me.
boo. My camera is crap.
All the pictures my sister-n-law
Kelley took didn't record to the memory card.

After church, we went to the in-laws for lunch,
Chloe's birthday get together, and an egg hunt!

On your mark,
get set,

All the grand kids.

Grandma always gets the kids
a bag full of Easter goodies.

Last week, Emma had a 1/2 day at school.
We went to Circus World with some friends.

The kids had a blast.
Tanner loves to play the games!

All the kids especially liked this Time Freak thing.
It was a room filled with flashing lights.
There are two teams, red and green.
Your team tries to hit all their lights
that are flashing. It's all on a timer and
super fun. Tanner thought he won every time.

My kids tried roller skating for the first time.

It was all so cute, but didn't work out so well.
I think Maddox lasted about 5 minutes.
This place was so huge.
Even had bowling!

Lastly, we went to the zoo a couple of weeks ago.
The kids wanted to go see the new
Dino Trek adventure.

Braden was with us.
Maddox liked it.
Braden liked it.
Tanner was a little scared at first.
But then he liked it too.
Well, Emma completely freaked out.
Cried and wouldn't go through the rest.
That was after the second dinosaur.
So grandma took her out.
On the way home, I said,
'Emma will never be able to take you
to Disney World.' To which she says,
"Good. I don't want to go."
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