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Tuesday, May 1

15 weeks

I am on to this now...

Not too bad for 15 weeks with my FOURTH baby.
I love when people ask, "Is this your first baby?"
And I get to laugh and say, "No. It's my fourth!"

I mostly plan to wear dresses ALL summer.
I love summer dresses.
Hoping to not wear much maternity until Fall.
Baby's due October 25th.

When I went for my 14 week check up I had gained a
total of 3lbs.  All my shorts and jeans still fit (except in the belly)
so I'm hoping those 3lbs are all belly and boobs.
Yes. I said that.
We are all grown up.
We can talk about boobs.

Anyway, I don't get caught up in the whole weight gain of pregnancy.
As a non-pregnant person I eat what I want when I want with the
exception of late, late night eating. I try to avoid that.
So when I am pregnant I don't try to eat more or less
than any other time. I just eat.
I have gained about 35-40 lbs with all my previous
pregnancy and will probably do the same this time.
That's fine.

The baby's heartbeat was 176.
I go back at 18 weeks and then a couple of
weeks later we will find out if this a
little man or a little lady!

I'll keep you posted.
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amanda persinger said...

yeah....you eat what and when you want to eat....because your Lucky that way!! ; )
I can't wait for the Big reveal!!!

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