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Thursday, May 31

First and Last

Emma looks like a baby to me in the first day picture.
Her 1st grade teacher was Mrs. Sanford.
We loved her.
Emma has learned so much this year.
She has become a great reader and speller.
She also likes math.
I love you my sweet Emma, Em.
You are a kind, and thoughtful, beautiful and smart
little girl. And yes! you are a little girl, still.

Maddox is super excited about going to Kindergarten!
He was counting down the days for when he would be out of PreK.
He has grown academically by leaps and bounds this year!
Mrs. Alicia at Grace was such a blessing.
He loved all his little friends and had
a great time at school everyday.
Love you sweet MaddyCakes.
You will do great in Kindergarten!

Today, we party!
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