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Friday, June 1

What we've been doing..

Beach Blast party at Emma's school...

I took the boys.

Awards Day.

She got the "Thoughtfulness and Understanding" Award.
I was proud of her.

Her brothers were proud of her too.

It's hard to sit still during a
whole, boring awards ceremony.

I let Emma leave early this day.

Thursday was her last day of 1st grade ever.
We waited by the bus stop to spray her
with silly string when she arrived!

Then we had a PARTY!!! 

Yay For Summer!!!

We started working on our list:

Do you have a list of to do's this summer?

We've been busy, busy.
I am working on a party, and lots of things
going on at church. All that mixed with ALL
the other things I do everyday.....whew!
I've been tired.

But lazy summer days are coming soon.
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