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Wednesday, May 9

pool time....finally

 Friday after school we packed up and went to
the pool for the first time this year!

The kids were beside themselves excited!
Maddox changed into his swim suit in the car
rider line and ate his snack in the car as not
to waste precious swim time.

He's been asking for weeks, months! when the pool
would be open?!

Tanner was less excited than the others.
He wanted to mostly throw toys in the pool and have
Emma dive for them while he pretended she was a dog.

new suit from Walmart.

They love the slide. 

Tanner stayed close to my chair at first.
I had to get in with him to get him used to the water.

See his shorts?
Remember Florida? When he lived in a swimmer with
no suit. I just bought this one. It's 12 months!
STILL doesn't fit him.

He spent some time on the bench seat squirting
everyone with that annoying squirter!

Then he was done.

He went in to watch cartoons and eat a Popsicle.

It as fun to be back at the pool!
This is where we will spend our summer!!
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amanda persinger said...

Ummm..and you better be spending it over here too ; )

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."