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Monday, May 7


Busy Monday.
Grocery shopping.
Lots of cleaning.

Trip to the recycling center which is right
by GW and I didn't even go in!
I dropped off my old vacuum this morning at
yet another GW and still didn't go in to shop!
I will tomorrow.
That's my GW day.
Tanner and I go while Maddox is in speech.

Stopped at the nursery to get flowers.
I planted two huge hanging baskets.
I split one of them into two containers.
Planted some vinca in the desert that we call the front yard.
2 tomato plants and one cucumber vine.
finally getting some work done in the garden.
I am hoping to motivate Mark to get me a load of rocks!
I'll show you when it's done.

I did motivate him last week (or two) to finally put
in my new lights in the kids bathroom.

Maddox helped.
As in, climbed on the sink without getting yelled at to get down,
poked at everything, and asked lots of questions.

Here's the after.
Sort of.
Don't mind that big hole in the wall.
Just look at the lights!
I love them!

And here's Tanner in a box.
Don't know why.

Isn't that crazy that he can fit in an Elefun box?
He's 2 1/2!!
My little baby.
He'll look like a kindergardner when this new baby arrives.

And here's my sweet baby girl, Emma!

How did she get this big?
My goodness.
Time just goes.

She is so precious.
Such a kind little sweetheart.

That's it for me!
ta -ta

OH! I painted my breakfast room table.
It's almost done!
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