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Monday, May 21


We're. so. proud. of. you., HEY
We're so proud of you! (clap, clap)

Lady Pirates got 2nd in the Championship this season!!
We are so proud of Emma!
She has put forth so much effort this year.
(as always with sports)

These last two seasons, playing for Coach
Brian has been a great experience! All the assistant coaches
on the team were just the best.  Emma learned a lot and had
tons of fun with these girls.

It was a very good game and a close one!
8 -12 (I think) was the final score.
Lady Pirates only lost 2 games all season.

Then the boys went in the girls dugout and tried on
all the batting helmets.
THIS one is READY to play!!

During the awards ceremony,
 they ran the bases.
Tanner came running in, touched the bag,
and said 'base'!

We will miss this little team!
Emma, we are so proud of you!
You are a great sport!
Congratulations baby girl!
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amanda persinger said...

Sweet! We still have 7+ more games left...

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."