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Wednesday, June 20

I'm still here

I've been busy.
new baby prep (which I have NOT done enough of yet)
I feel that it may be slipping away from me.  I know, I know. The baby isn't coming until October, but every time I am counting weeks (more than half way over by now) I feel a wee bit panicky. I do have 2 older kids going to school this year! Sooner than I want, that will be here keeping us busy as beavers with this day and that day, picking up and dropping off.  And poor Maddox doesn't have but maybe 2 pairs of size 5 shorts. He's still wearing his size 4's. Not because they are fitting him so great either. So there is school shopping to do. I am waiting (hopefully) for a big 4th of July sale to buy new school clothes. Emma's skirts from last year are probably to short for this year and I wish that I had just gotten her the darn 7/8 shirts back in the Spring instead of the 6/7 size. Because guess what??? She grew! Yep. How dare she? So shopping for clothes and supplies we will go.

Not only am I busy, (who isn't?) But my camera br.O.ke. Like broke and I threw it in the trash - broke. I haven't made the time (or the energy) to go shop for a new one.

VBS has been eating my lunch for a few weeks.  It's so fun and I love it, but a lot of work.
I lot of thinking about it when I'm not there kinda thing and running errands to prep games, etc. for each night.  I come home and crash after having corralled around 11 or so children all night.

My mom is here this week!
Yay! We took the kids to the pool yesterday and to the movies today.
Guess what! Tanner flipped to his back on his own yesterday at the pool!
I was so happy and excited that I immediately pulled him up, hugged him, kissed him and squealed with joy and didn't let him finish his floating. He did so well after that one time of 'getting' it. Official lessons start next week. He loves swimming and once he learns some things I think he will be much happier at the pool.

We saw Madagascar 3. I thought it was boring.
I thought the previews were terribly disturbing! What in the world!! WHY, WHY?? Why are we making and taking and paying lots of money for our kids to watch cartoons talking to ghost and dead people?? WHY? What's the point? It's some new movie coming out and the little boy cartoon can see dead people and talk to ghost and such trash! What? It's a car.toon! As in 'take your kids' your 4 and 5 and 6 year olds! It will be great family entertainment to watch ghost on the big screen!! What?? Watch them come out of graves and hang in trees. (yes, that was on there!) I mean really, Don't they have their WHOLE lives ahead for all the worldly crap that you will have to explain.
Another preview, was about Santa, the Easter bunny, and Sandman protecting kids until the dark, black world wants to take over. Well, guess what? That's not a cartoon! That's true. The dark, black world is trying very hard to take over....OUR children. And I'll be darn if the stupid Easter bunny will protect MY kids. He hasn't done a very good job so far.   I will do a fine job of that myself. Thankyouverymuch! I'll start by not taking my precious, tenderhearted, very impressionable kids to see such garbage! That's my opinion and if you don't agree, well, then click away. I do not chose to 'conform' my children to this world.  Maybe taking our children to these kinds of movies is not as bad as your making it sound crazy lady, but that's your opinion.

I bet your glad that I blogged again, huh?

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