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Saturday, June 30

New Pictures

I got a new camera!
Posts will not be few and far between anymore.
I took it on a little test drive for you....

front porch flowers

sweet potato vine is my favorite!

mums are blooming

kids have been sleeping in the tent for a few nights

all blinds are closed.
because it's over 100 degrees here!

library books.
library is cool and free.

I took my wreath down and hung our
wedding photos on the old door.
What do you think?

my althea is blooming!

my favorite planter around here.

Mark fenced in the garden.
And added pea gravel.
It looks so cute.
too bad the plants are growing this year!

wave petunias surviving the heat

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1 comment:

amanda persinger said...

yay for the new camera!! How did you hang your pics on the door?? I like it.

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."