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Friday, July 13


Thursday morning it was raining.
It was so nice.
We had a very relaxed laid back day.
And I decided after reading Meg's Blog that
we would do some crafting.
Good crafting.
The kids absolutely loved it.
Soaked it all up.
And made me realize I should plan more
of these times.
Maddox kept saying, "We are real artist, right Emma?"
And Emma kept saying, "Art is our favorite class!"

Step 1: There was lots of painting involved.
Probably why they loved it so much.
It was a little messy.
Not too bad.
And SO worth it.

Step 2: Take the handle of your paintbrush and make
lots of designs on the wet painted paper.
Let all of that dry.

In the meantime, paint (again) your arm and hand.

Emma did her own.

That's about as far as I got with the step by step.
If you want the full instructions go to this post on Meg's blog.
She is very crafty with her kids. Lots.
And has great ideas.

Anyway, the finished glorious product is .....tah dah!!

These beautiful, colorful peacocks!
Don't you love them?
I even did a mini lesson (from online) about pea cocks.
That one up there is Madd's

Here is Emma's.

Here is Tanner's.
He did all of his own painting.
And a little bit of cutting.
But ultimately bogged out in the end and
went to watch Mickey Mouse Club House.

Uhhh...sorry about the underwear pictures.
We did these in our 'pajamas'
They were so proud of them.
I think they are so pretty.
I hung them in the dining room right above
the art table. 
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amanda persinger said...

SO Cute!! Looks like you had fun, messy kind of morning! : )

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."