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Thursday, July 12

swim lessons for Tanner

It's Tanner's first year of swim lessons.
He is going to Brendan Sweetman and I could
not be happier.  He was floating on his back the.first.day.
Yes! Money well spent!
They have teaching swim and survival down to a science.
We will never take our kids anywhere else.
Tanner will get more lessons in the years to follow, then baby,
and I am putting Maddox in next year. Maddox can 'get around' in
the water and we call it 'swimming' but Maddox has not had
 a formal lesson since he was 3? And as much as we swim
that just won't cut it. After reading stories of children drowning
right in front of their parents, I do not believe if Madd was in trouble
in the water that he could save himself.
So we will go to lessons, because it is not worth the risk.

Here's Tanner waiting on the edge for another turn to swim and float.
They let him hold the baby doll.
I wish that I could sit inside the pool area and watch him
but he would cry the entire lesson if I did.

So we wait out here.
Like most of the parents.
Emma and Maddox love peeking in on him.
So do I.
I love watching him learn and grow.

We have to be careful that he doesn't see us.
Here he is floating.

After 2 days, He can seriously do this on his own.
He sometimes has trouble still getting himself over, but
placed on his back he can float for several minutes.

Emma texting Mark:
'we are at boring swim lessons'

We took care of that problem.
Yesterday we took Go Fish, Crazy 8, and Memory.

On Day 1 Tanner only cried when I handed him over
to the teacher and at the end when he was done.

Day 2 He cried when we pulled in the driveway, and said
He didn't want a swim teacher. He had a bad teacher.

On Day 3 He said he didn't want a swim teacher..
He wanted me to hold him and the diving board is too scary.
They all have to go off the diving board at the end of each lesson.
Yes. Even on Day 1.

Today is Day 4. We will see what happens.

Oh, also he pulled a potty trick on Day 3.
He had a dirty diaper on Day 2 right before it was his
turn to go off the diving board and guess what?
He didn't have to go off.
The very next day, when it was his turn to go he said
'Potty' and they sent him out thinking he had a dirty diaper.
Yeah. Smart kid.
That doesn't potty.
And did not have a dirty diaper.
So he missed 2 days of the diving board action.

If your kids cannot "swim" I really encourage you
to get them in some lessons. It could save their life one day.

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