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Thursday, July 19

crafty kids - braclets and snakes

Toilet paper rolls turned bracelets for Emma.

That kid loves some paint!

Still in the spiderman suit.

Snakes Alive!

Ahhh...look at that.
The 2 year old.
In my dining room.
On the covered chair.
We have to live here.
Can't hurt anything that soap won't clean up.
I have SO learned to relax.
Good grief.

By the way, these didn't last.
It's not a craft that you will keep for very long.
So don't sweat it.
Let 'em do what they are going to do.
We did these....uh....3 days ago?
I already trashed them.
And they haven't asked for them again.
Some crafts are like that.
It's the creating that's the fun part on this one.

Hiss! Hiss!

Ignore that fish net gloved arm.
According to her, 'thats what she has always wanted!!!!"
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