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Thursday, July 19


YES! again.
We love to craft.
It keeps them busy and not arguing.
Gives me a chance to sit down with them.

bird houses.
$1 at JoAnn.

Gumball machines.
SO adorable.

The kids really had fun with these.
I would pre - cut all the pieces before you
say, "Hey! Let's make Gumball Machines!!"

bad indoors pictures.
too lazy to take them down and find a better spot.

Again, we got this idea from Meg at Whatever.

Emma made a Summer collage while
Maddox and I played CandyLand and Bingo.
Tanner was napping.

Me: "why are you smiling like that?"
Emma: "because I have food in my mouth."
(crack up)

Our art corner.
Have we talked you into any crafts? 
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