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Wednesday, July 11

cute kids

Just a quick one today to say we have been loving these lazy days of summer.

The kids love lounging on our bed watching t.v.
It's somehow better than watching t.v. in the living room.

They had all just taken a bath, which has been few and far
between lately. I do keep them better manicured during the school year!

These lazy days are coming to an end soon.
It will be back to school and first day of Kindergarten!
Then Tanner and I will really attack the project list before baby.

I am super busy today finishing a cake and my nesting mode is in
high gear. We ordered some chairs, they are here, but they were
the wrong color so I will show you the new ones when they arrive.
I am itching to go school clothes shopping, but I feel like I first
need to clean out and organize all the clothes we have now to see
what it is we really need for this year.
Tanner closet is a disaster and I am ready to start rearranging bedrooms
to fit this new little one in!
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amanda persinger said...

you need to stain that board holding your tv up....ha!ha! ; )

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."