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Monday, July 16

Random Monday

Pool pictures from a few weeks ago.
I miss my pool time in the sun!

Tanner, Maddox, and Braden

Emma, Halle, and Chloe

at Target....

I painted the top of the kids art table.
It was white.
and really dirty.
Alls I had was black so that's what it got!

Do your kids love playing with things that are not really toys?
yeah. The tape measure is a favorite.

Tanner always wants me to take his picture while he makes
this face.

I sent the boys to 'the store next door' to pick up some Crisco.

I finally tackled Tanner's closet on Saturday morning.
It was rainy, Mark was playing with the kids and I was working.
I got all my fall consignment on hangers!

Maddox wore the black spiderman costume for 3 days
last week. He was really wanting it to stop raining.

Keeping busy at swim lessons.

That's it for me today.
Happy Monday!

Mom and I will be cleaning windows, light fixtures and
ceiling fans today in between doctor appts and lessons.
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