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Thursday, August 2

a visit home

The kids with my mom.

We took a visit home.
It was so good.
We had a great, relaxing time.
Fun hanging out at my granny's with my family.

Granny cooked for us.
It  was delicious!
Ham, cabbage, cornbread, green beans, fried potatoes,
macaroni, corn, and baked apples!
Oh my goodness, I ate so much!
I love my granny.

We had fun hanging out on Saturday with my brother and his family.
We did magic tricks and told lots of funny stories.
My brother is one of the best story tellers ever.
Everything he says is funny.
I laughed so hard.

My gran's house is full of bibles.
I should have counted how many I saw.
There are probably 7 alone on this one little shelf in the bedroom.

I grew up on the lake.
Dale Hollow Lake!
I love it there.
My kids love it there, too!

We spent a few hours on Saturday at the dock.
The boys loved watching the boats.

We got to tour a houseboat.
They thought it was so cool.

And we did a lot of sitting and rocking.
In no hurry.

The kids took all of dad's change to feed the
fish, turtles, and ducks.

We browsed the store.
Emma tried on all the hats.

Then we sat down for a little lunch.

It was very fun.

We needed a weekend like this.
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