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Friday, August 3

Back to School 2012

We went school clothes shopping.
Mostly for Emma.
Maddox has plenty, but I did buy him a new outfit for the first day.

The kids watched cartoons.
Emma took her doll in the stroller and pushed
her all over the mall. Only ran over my ankles and
almost tripped me 563 times.

Wednesday was the first day of school!
Emma is in 2nd grade this year.
She likes school because she is very social
and wants to be there with all those friends all day.

And Maddox is in Kindergarten.

I ask Mark the other day if Emma was such
a -baby- when we sent her off to Kindergarten.
Some days Maddox still seems too little.
too precious.
too mine.

I made signs for the first day and Tanner
wanted to hold them. They let him.

Apples for the teacher.
GermX attached to the lunchbox handle!

The parking lot was FULL, of course, and then
we had an 'episode' with the school mascot being
outside the cafeteria doors.
Emma freaked out!
She was in tears.
I felt so bad for her.
Crying on the first day.
I ask the mascot to move for a minute.
She did.
We snuck in the doors and dried the tears.
We made it to her classroom.
Most kids were already seated and working
very quietly on a puzzle.
I was excited.
And happy.
I was taking pictures of Emma at her desk.
Saying hi (apparently too loudly) to all her
friends from last year's class.
Those 2nd graders are a tough crowd.
They just looked at me.
Wondering , hoping, I was leaving soon.

Then we took Maddox to class.
It was phase in day so only 6 kids were there.
Maddox being the smartest and cutest.

He started to cry a little when we were waiting
to go inside the classroom.
I, surprisingly, did not shed a tear.
Wait til' Tuesday.
I can still take him in on Monday.
Tuesday I drop him off in the car rider line,
and watch him walk in without me.
Now, I'm going to cry.
He will have Emma.

Tanner wanted to stay for kindergarten, too.
"like bubba" ,he says.

We went back for lunch.

And then we spyed on him in his classroom.
Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall?

While we waited outside the cafeteria for Emma's lunch time,
Tanner shot everyone that walked down the hall
with his laser beam.

Then, something happened.
Maddox class came down the hall hunting for
the gingerbread man!

While we were still sitting on the bench!
I thought he might cry for me.
But NO.
He walked right past, just giving a little wave and a smile.

What a day!
We ate lunch with Emma and came home to organize
toys, clean bedrooms,and take naps!

Another school year has begun.
My kids are growing so fast right in front of my eyes.
Mark and I are so proud of them.
And soon we welcome a new baby blessing.
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