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Monday, August 27

play ball!

It 's that time again!
 I love it!
With two playing, it keeps us busy
but I don't mind.   Most of the time.

Maddox is on the Pirates team this year.
His coach is super nice and encouraging.

Madd makes friends where ever he goes,
so he has lots of fun at his games.
Especially in the dugout.

That's his cute mean face.

He can swing so much better this season.
His arm is stronger. 

I was hoping he would slide this time.
He didn't.

Emma is on the Phillies team this year.
Her coach is our good friend and neighbor!!
We were so excited.
She loves being on Rylee's team.

She's a good ball player.
She loves the social, team part of the game as well.

Tonight she had a late game.
I stayed home with the boys.
The game started at bed time.
She has another late one tomorrow.
So Mark took her tonight, I am taking her tomorrow.
But guess what?
She got the game ball TONIGHT!
darn it!
I knew that would happen.
So proud of her though!

And then there's Tanner.
Oh, how he wishes to be on a team!
This kid is so ready to play ball.
He will practice longer than the other two.
Catching, throwing, batting.
You name it.
He's in.

He says,
'I almost 3.'
He spends most of his time at the ball field
playing in the dirt with his dump truck and
drinking blue icees.

Life is good.

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