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Tuesday, August 7

sorry, no pictures

There may have been a better title, but it's too much effort to think of one.
I have been a bad picture taker lately.

I'm tired.
Today I did too much.
After I dropped the kids off at school, I came and started cleaning.
I did the bathrooms, washed the sheets, put the sheets back on our king size bed, dusted downstairs, mopped all the floors downstairs, unloaded the dishwasher, washed the dishes, cleaned some windows, doors and mirrors, water the plants and fell completely exhausted onto the couch at exactly 9am.
Yeah. I over did it.
I felt it the rest of the day.
My back hurts.
And this baby is laying so low that I am in pain everyday.
My doctor says that it is normal.
I didn't have this lower pubic pain with any of my others so it's new (and annoying) to me.
But it is my fourth baby.
And I'm not getting any younger.
I've never been the kind of person to say, "woe is me. I'm pregnant. I need to sit. all day."
I think I may be there now.
I can't believe I am saying that.
I wake up with lots of energy. I just don't know how to conserve it, I guess. I like to be busy.
Lately, if I drop something, I make the kids pick it up for me.
Tonight I sat in a hot bath to relieve some pain and then came straight to the couch.
Emma has a really late softball practice tonight. Mark took her and I am SO thankful that
my mom was here! She bathed both the boys.
I am 29 weeks. 11 weeks to go. If I make it that long.


Yesterday, was my doctor's appt.
I have gained 20lbs.
I had my glucose test done.
I am so blessed to be such an easy patient.
In and out. Always healthy as a horse.


Maddox is loving Kindergarten.
He is so cute getting off that bus everyday.
I told him on Tuesday that I would walk him in one more day.
He said, "why, mom? I'm fine!"
So I didn't.
Instead I drove away v e r y slowly in the drop off line craning my neck to make sure he went in the cafeteria doors.


There is a baby coming in 12 weeks!
I am not prepared.
We have not prepared enough.
There's not enough diapers, wipes, onesies, sleepers.
No freezer meals have been made, no nursery decorated.
We don't even have a carseat yet!
They won't let us take her home without a carseat!
OH! but we have a NAME!
Yes. we do.
It's a secret.
I can't wait to hold her and smell her and see her beautiful face and hair.
Wrap her in blankets and stare at her for hours!
Oh the joy of the sweetness.
I love the whole labor, delivery, hospital stay too.
It's my last time.
I'm taking it all in.
Prepared or not (by worldly standards) she will be welcomed into our family with love.


Tanner is growing so much!
That kid amazes me every.day.
He talks all the time and says things and sentences that are so smart!
I can tell he is getting closer and closer to 3.
Today he counted to 13.
He knows shapes and colors too.
He is such a little sweetheart.
My mom and I coo and goo over him all the time.
He is still a baby.
I told him next week when nanna is not here I will take him to circle time at the library to fill
up some of his days. He does pretty good here alone with out Emma and Maddox, but he really misses them. He loves to play the wii and watch t.v. so I try to make sure he stays busy with legos, puzzles, paint, playdoe and toys to distract him from asking for t.v. time.
I would much rather he be busy playing.


That's it for me.
I'm going to bed early.

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