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Wednesday, August 22

the county fair

We went to the fair.
Whoot whoot!
 We love the fair.

The kids rode every.thing. that they could.
We were concerned that Tanner might be a little too little to ride.

He said, 'See I'm bigger!'
And he was.
He rode everything that he wanted except
for two rides that he wanted to do.
He loved riding.
Especially the roller coaster!
He was so proud of his stamp on his hand.
The one that gets him on all the rides.
Anytime he thought they weren't letting him on the
ride he would hold that little hand up in the air.
It was so cute.

Our kids love the games.
They want to play all the games.
This one is our favorite.


We won last year.
Nothing this year.

Cotton Candy!!

The whole bag was gone before we got home.
Of course!

When asked,  'How was the rides'??

Thumbs up!!
Look at Tanner's thumbs up.
It was fun.
We ate lots.
Or at least I did.
It was also exhausting for my pregnant body.
I was so tired. I wanted, they wanted, to do more but
I just couldn't.

We had fun regardless of the heat, crowd, and my complaining.
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