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Tuesday, September 25

Random stuff

It's been a little while since I posted.
Baby girl is growing!

In baby news, my doctor scheduled me for
induction on Oct. 19th. I will be 39 weeks and 1 day.
Mostly, the induction, is for convenience.
We will get to go in on a Friday morning.
Be in the hospital for the weekend and then
when we come home Mark can start some vacation time.
Not much. Unfortunately.
God knew what he was doing when HE gave moms
40 weeks to prepare for their new little miracles.
Lately, on most days, I think we are ready.

Diapers are ready anyway.
I've been buying a pack here and there when I go to
the grocery store. This is not all of them. So are packed
 in the suitcase, some are put away in the changing stations.

I have also been buying for Christmas already.
Only 13 more weeks!  Your welcome for that.

LOOK! what I found at JoAnn Fabric Store!
Just laying around near the picture frames.

It was .......79cents!! 79cents! I couldn't believe it!
Made my week.
Speaking of the fabric/ craft store.
I've been there a few times getting ready for Craft Camp.

I am up to my eyeballs in burlap.
It looks like it's been snowing in my dining room.

It will take me 2 days with the vacuum to get it all up.

I have been so enjoying my time spent with
this little guy. He talks my head off all day.

He is so sweet.
And a good shopper! This morning I said we were
going back home and he said, "Not yet mom. One more store."

We love shopping Goodwill, of course.
I found this cute board there.

Hung it in the laundry room.
No makeover necessary.

Tanner is now strong enough to swing on
the rope by himself. 

He loves it.
We spend lots of time in the playroom.

He can read the whole Brown Bear book!
It's very adorable, of course.

He can't say his 's' sound.
So he doesn't say, 'What do you you See?'
He says, 'What you Wee?' 

I am so proud of Emma on her piano!
She is doing great.
Playing both hands at the same time and such.
Beyond me.

That's all for now.
This is the MOST beautiful Fall day outside ever!
Tanner and I have been out back.
And he is now paging me to make a robot or something
else as important.

Have a great day!
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