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Thursday, October 25

cooking kids

Do you let your kids help in the kitchen?
I do.
They love it.
I sometimes let them do more than maybe
I should. I don't know.
Maddox was really cooking the eggs
by himself this particular night.
And Emma was really pouring and flipping
those pancakes.
Tanner always jumps up on the footstool to
help out whenever he can. At dinner, they are
often so hungry they act like a pack of wolves and
beg for snacks while I am cooking.
So letting them help takes their mind off of that.

Do yours like helping?
It's easier than having them running
around the kitchen arguing and chasing each other.
It's definitely better than staring at a t.v.
If I don't need help, or my nerves are over
it for the day, I say,
"read, write, color or draw!!" NOW!
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Vanessa Medina said...

So nice! I learning a lot from you.

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."