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Wednesday, October 24

she's here!

baby Meredith
born Friday, October 19th
loved so much.

One contraction.
3 pushes.
She was born.
Easiest labor and delivery ever.
As soon as her tiny head popped out,
she started crying! Didn't even suction her out.
She looked so very tiny to me.
This is what she did while they cleaned her off:
propped her feet right up there.
like she was a so relaxed.
and she is.
she is the best baby ever.
so easy.
so far.
eats, sleeps, poops.
almost never cries.
even when we change her diapers or get her undressed.


They all love her.

We are amazed that we are here again.
new baby.
new blessing.
fresh from heaven.
so thankful.
so in love.

so darn cute!
and kissable!
I kiss her alot.


I love the hospital stay.
mostly. It gets a little long.
But, you know, the going.
checking in. the nurses taking care of you.
epiderals, waiting, pushing, delivery.
all of it.
Being induced was the way to go!
So easy.
And convienent.

I may be in trouble.
I had forgotten how so incredible adorable a
new baby is! How can we forget so easily this
miracle? Patting their tiny little diapered bottoms.
smelling their sweet soft hair.
kissing their fuzzy little foreheads.
staring at their beautiful tiny faces.
wrapping them up in bundles of blankets and holding
them cozy warm in your arms.
I never want it to end.

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