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Monday, October 8

fall festival 2012

we went to a small festival at a church up the street.
jumpy castles draw us in every time.

face painting.
always a hit.
Emma did hers too.
I just missed getting a picture.

pick up a duck was Tanner's favorite.
He liked pushing the ducks way to the bottom.
yep. soaked his shirt sleeve.

And the hayride.
of course.

I love my family.
I mean, look at those cute faces!

They went.
I stayed.

I did the cake walk instead.

It's my all time favorite festival game.
Unfortunately, (or maybe not) I lost this year.

We had fun.
The kids got out of the house for a couple of hours and
we will do another one this Saturday!
Week 37 Pregnancy Update:
I am dilated to 3 cm!!!
Yay! Much change from last week.
Isn't it funny how sometimes you walk around at a 3cm
and be (mostly) fine but sometimes (like with Maddox)
I was so ready for an epidural when I was just 3cm.
Amazing wonder of birth.
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