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Wednesday, October 10

new living room

My downstairs living area has always kinda
bugged me.
It's really large and I'm not complaing about that,
but I never felt like I had the right, or enough,
furniture for it.
I bought a rug on overstock when we first moved
in and I thought it was okay at first then realized
it had too much blue/red in it plus it was too busy.

My friend encouraged me to list it on
craigslist and sure enough it sold quickly.
I found another one that I love at a local
discount store for less than what I sold the other for.

As far as more furniture.
ugh!! I looked and looked.
furniture is expensive.
And Mark wasn't biting.
Finally, I scored two leather chairs and an ottoman
on craigslist ( I love that craig and his list )
for a really good deal! And I love them!

So here's the little updated photo.

We are enjoying our space more now!
And I am (as always) glad I held out for
deals instead of buying new.

Found anything good on craigslist lately?
It's my favorite place to shop (and sell)!
I do it in my pajamas!
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