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Wednesday, October 31

more meredith

because I have to share her!

Emma got a milky smile.

I love that face!

The kids were so eager to bring her home.
 The bigs ran into the garage,
Tanner met me at the door and gave me a
big hug and kiss then he started to cry.
He said, 'mom, you left your baby...'
It was so sweet.
I wasn't holding her so he wasn't sure.

Lined up. Ready for a turn to hold her.
They have been really good about washing their
hands before touching her and not smothering her.
Maddox really loves her and is genuinely interested
in newborns and why they do what they do.
No jealousy issues have come up and for that I am
so thankful. Even with Tanner. He doesn't pay much
attention to her. He calls her, 'that baby' or 'your baby mom'.
Sometimes he checks on her and tells me
if she is moving or not or has her eyes open or closed.

This girl can sleep anywhere!

Wrapped or not.
I LOVE wrapping my babies so it makes
me a little sad that she doesn't love it too.
All the others did.
They needed it.
But she is so calm it doesn't matter to her.

Hardly ever cries.
Only when she doesn't get her milk fast enough.

Even for diaper changing.
No crying.


She sleeps through lots of noise!
kids running in and out of the house.

She is definitely a keeper.
The first night home she woke to eat at
11pm and 2am. The next 3 nights she has
only gotten up once! yippee for sleepy babies!
Since writing this a few days ago (or a week ago)
Meredith is still a good sleeper.
I am SO VERY thankful for that!
We put her down for bed about 9:30 and she
gets up only once around 1 or 1:30am and then
sleeps on until 5:30am.
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