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Thursday, November 1

halloween 2012

Emma wore her Dorothy costume to school.
I love her in this costume! Isn't it so cute?
I like costumes like this as opposed to witches and ghosts
and vampires and such... I think these characters are much
more fun. (she's a witch later in this post.) ha!

Toto is supposed to be in that basket,
but Tanner insist that it is HIS dog (its actually Madd's)
so he kept snatching it away and saying, "give me that!"

He wanted candy.
Mom told him to put this hat on and say,
'trick or treat.'  It worked. When you are that
cute, you get what you want.

Halloween Costumes.

Tanner kept saying,
'Happy Halloween' in his sweet little voice.
It was the cutest thing ever.

Emma the wicked witch.

Emma and Braden

The Mario brothers.
Mario and Luigi
I love these costumes.

The whole gang for this year.
We missed Halle and Chloe and our friends.

I made this mummy door.
I copied Thrifty Decor Chick.

And then there was Meredith....
Thanks for the googly eyes Aunt Kelley!!
We had a fun halloween and the kids got SO
much candy it is ridicilous. I have eaten way too
much chocolate today. I 'hid' alot of the candy
way up high in the cabinet.
Problem is, I still know it's there! 
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