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Tuesday, November 6

my sweet girl

She's getting chunky.
Look at the rolls on that sweet leg!

But still so tiny in that big crib of hers.
She was getting ready for her bath.

Her legs looks so long in this picture.
Her newborn clothes are getting tight and we are
moving on to 0-3 month clothes but rolling up the sleeves.

We have had a couple of rough nights. But mostly she is
a good sleeper. However, getting broken up sleep is tiring.
 I like a FULL 9 hours.  I need naps everyday and those
can be hard to come by when you also have a 3 year old!

I'm not complaining.
I keep telling myself to enjoy ALL of it.
Because this is our last time. boo.

And babies don't keep.

(darn it!)

the end
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"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."