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Sunday, November 4


very random.
I am sitting here wishing I had went to church this morning.
I was planning on it. But last night was a little crazy here so I was just too tired.

Tanner has been waking up at night.
Getting out of bed.
Wanting someone to lay with him.
Or because he can't find his blanket.
ugh. It's exhausting.
Mark's always the one who goes to take care of him.
I felt really bad for Mark last night after Tanner got him up FOUR times.
Jeez! He's 3. He's not supposed to do that.

Mark took a nap.
I took the kids upstairs to watch a movie.

Mark took the 3 big kids to church.
Hopefully Meredith and I will be there next week.

I am scared of germs.
I want my baby to stay healthy.
Remember what happened with Tanner when he was two weeks old?
yikes. scary.

Nursing makes me very hungry.
I feel like I eat all the time.
I did that with all the others too.
I have been drowning myself in drinking water!
And I have decided to not weigh myself until my 6 week visit.

Meredith drinks alot of milk!
The 'books' say at her age she should be drinking about 2 oz.
Ha! She drinks 4 oz bottles!
She's getting chunky. It is lovely.

The kids came home from church SO excited about Operation Christmas Child.
They already have started packing their boxes.
Maddox's is finished. We still need some things for Emma's.

It's November already!
I love the last three months of the year.
The holidays. The shopping. The decorating.
It's so fun....and magical.

Emma will be eight....too soon.
Mark and I can't believe that.
Guess what? She learned to whistle and to snap and to TIE HER SHOES!!
A girl at school taught her to tie. I was never so thankful!
Tying shoes is hard to teach.
She said, "Chloe taught me."
I said, "I love Chloe!!"
(we have cousin named Chloe so she thought if I loved this girl it must her cousin)
Emma says, "Not Chloe Metzgar! Chloe in my class!"
To which I said, " I LOVE Chloe from your class!"

Maddox is doing well in kindergarden.
I am so thankful for his sweet, kind, understanding, and patient teacher.
She really 'gets' Maddox and completley understands that we just
had our forth baby and forgives us when we forget things.
Like his homework. oops. Or his letter Ii bag from last week. oops.
Or the candy we were supposed to send for some sorting activity.
sorry. I will try harder this week.

Although I have no help this week.
So no promises.

We have been very blessed with plenty of meals coming from friends.

I don't like the time change!
Do you?
I was very confused this morning.
And Mark stayed up to give Mer-Bear her last bedtime bottle so I could
go to sleep early and  in turn that made last nigt last for-ev-er!

That's it.
Gotta feed the baby.

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