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Wednesday, December 5


Maddox is finally in basketball!
He has been asking for over a year.
For awhile he was too young, then he was
in baseball, then I kept forgetting about sign ups
but NOW he's in!
And he loves it!

He kept making that face and thinking it was
so funny. stinker.

He is playing for the YMCA.
Red team.
I guess they don't have a name.
Just red team.
He's #12.

Saturday was his first game after only 2 practices.
The coach let him bring it down the court several times.

He tried for a couple of shots but to no avail.

The important part is that he looked so cute out there!
Just kidding. sort of. He did look so cute out there.
And he had so much fun.
He says more fun than baseball.
I think for him basketball may become his sport.
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amanda persinger said...

That is the cutest thing!!! He will be able to play at his school starting in 1st or second grade.

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