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Thursday, December 20

cookie maker

Tanner is my little cookie maker.
He loves to help me in the kitchen.
Especially with cookies.
We have a Strawberry Shortcake DVD called Cookin' Up Fun,
Tanner likes to pretend that we are making a cooking show like
Strawberry and her friends on the DVD.
He will say, "okay! here's what to do!"

I give him some dough for himself and he
loves to copy everything I do.

He will roll and roll that dough really flat.
And then say, " Is this good? "
He doesn't get bored and wander away.
Nope! He stays until all the dough has been used.

Nana brought him his own rolling pin!
He is so proud of it!
And I am so thankful that I don't have to
wait my turn for the rolling pin.

Not only does Tanner like to make cookies,
but he loves to eat them too. And he still
calls them 'oo-ies' because he can't say his
C and K sounds. It's adorable! My mom and I
are always thinking up reasons to get him to say 'cookies'.

Say cookies!

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