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Wednesday, December 19

December is busy

The kids singing in church...


Maddox's Christmas play at school...

Emma with Santa!!
I thought I would never say those words.

She has always been scared of Santa.
She ask him for a bike!

We took Meredith to the doctor to check her cough.
She's fine.
Tanner did this while waiting....

Play on the floor. gross.
1st time mom completely over packs the diaper bag.
3 sets of cute clothes.
LOTS of diapers.
burp clothes.
the works.
4th time mom.
well, lets just say I had to ask the nurse for some wipes and
then wrap Mer-Bear up in one of Tanner's size 4 diapers.
4th time mom.
We all survived.
no big deal.

Emma's Christmas play at school....

She was snowflake #23.
She did great.

December is busy!
My shopping is done.
Still waiting for a few packages to arrive.
And now that the kids are out of school,
I am wondering how in the world I will hide
the packages that get dropped off.
(Pogo Sticks don't hide well.)

Do you 'shop' at Cracker Barrel?
I love that store.
You can find one of kind old fashioned gifts there.
I got Tanner the metal Tonkya excavator there last night.
I looked everywhere for that thing to buy for his birthday and
could not find it.  I got Emma one of those Barbie crayon rub
toys there that I used to play with .......a very long time ago.

My mom is here.
yay! We went out shopping together
ALONE last night. That was so fun.
I finished up the kids gifts and some for
the cousins. ...gift cards. blah.
Gift cards are no fun.
You are just exchanging money if all you give and get is gift cards.
Isn't it so much more fun to open a present?
A game? A toy? A book?
I think so.
Do you give lots of gift cards?

I can't leave without sharing Meredith!
I took these yesterday.
She is 2 months old today!

She smiles alot when you talk to her.
And she even coos and 'talks' back some.
She's a good baby.
We love her so much.

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amanda persinger said...

OMG...she is still SO tiny!! Love her!

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."