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Sunday, December 9


We've been are sick.

First Maddox brought home a cold from school.
He suffered through alone for about a week.

Then Tanner got it but also turned it into
an ear infection as well.
Just as a side note: Tanner is NOT a good,
kind, quiet, cooperative patient!

Now, me and Emma have it!
This is what my bed side table looked like this morning.

Yes. I drank OJ out of the twisty cup
with the silly straw because that's the only one
with a lid that was clean and if it doesn't have
a lid I would spill it everywhere in the middle
of the night.

My cold has taken my voice.
I am down to a whisper.
My kids are probably secretly glad.

Good thing I bought a whole box of oranges from
the neighbor.  Vitamin C!!

It's so hard impossible to get Tanner to take medicine.
He will NOT take it.
Do you have children like that?
What do you do?
It's so frustrating!
I have to hide it in his very very chocolate
chocolate milk.

I was hoping beyond hope that ms. mer-bear
would not get sick. But it's kinda hard to keep it
away from her when I am obviously taking care of her
all day. So she did. She has a little cold.
It breaks my heart.
Hers is not so bad because of nursing.
Did you know that a mom's body senses what
the baby needs and then produces it through the
breast milk. Pretty awesome.
She has a little stuffy nose.
Maybe a cough or sneeze occasionally.

I set her by the open back door.
(she LOVES being outside)

It's really mild weather here.
I can tell looking at her eyes that she has
a little cold. She's still all smiles.

sweet girl.

Eat your oranges before you get sick!
Here's hoping you and your family are well
and stay well!

Oh, I got that new Lysol hands free soap
dispenser for the bathroom and the kids love it.
They wash their hands more. And Tanner can
reach it. Before it was too hard for him to use the pump.
Go get one! 

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