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Tuesday, December 11

Random Tuesday

Meredith Ann was dedicated back to God on
Sunday, December 2nd in the evening service.
That is my most precious pastor holding her.
Him and his family have felt the calling to go
bless another church and my family will miss them so much!

We wanted him to dedicate baby girl before he leaves.


See that little hole where you put the toy bar on?
It's a great place to keep a paci!
Haha...look at that Mohawk!

Our elf, dubbed elfie, is back.
But he is so boring and lazy.
He goes days at a time without moving!
(we are tired people!
 I don't have time nor energy for cute elf antics!)
And magic? right. Your not supposed to touch him or
something....yeah. Tanner takes him out of his hiding
spots almost everyday.

We are working on   Dinosaur Diorama.
Just because.
We are cool like that.
Sit around and make dioramas.
The biggles liked it.

Biggles -noun- Name used to describe the BIG(ger) kids in the house.
aka: Emma and Maddox.  They are the biggles.

The others? They are the Littles.

of course.

Cutest picture ever.

Wearing 'real' clothes.
Instead of gowns and sleepers.
Gown and sleepers are my favorite though.

Tanner being a baby.
Because otherwise he's all grown up.

Love that smile!

Tanner drove to the bus stop on a rainy day.

I got the tree up!
Took 4 days last week.
oh well, so is life around here!
I decided to put the tree in the backroom this year
because that's where are most and can enjoy it more there
and Tanner's train table is still in the front room and he plays
there everyday so I'm leaving it.
We have another tree upstairs and we are going to use that
one this year for presents! It will give us more room to spread out
and throw trash around on Christmas morning.

Only 14 days til Christmas!!!
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amanda persinger said...

She is so cauuute!! I think she is looking like you..

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For this moment is your life."