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Friday, March 22

Airstone Bar DIY Upgrade

This is our *new* bar!
We love it.
Once Mark lowered our bar and we got
barstools we knew with 3 kids with dirty feet all summer
sitting there that we would need 'something' to cover that
 drywall. We searched the internet and even ordered
samples of some faux stone panels ( I don't recommend those)
to finally find this stuff at Lowe's thanks to a friend.

It's called AirStone.
It's real stone but with air blown into it,
so it is light weight and easy to apply.
No wall prep!

Here's the boxes.
Only 2 color options.
A grayish and a more earthy tone.
We went with the earth tones.
It's called Autumn Mountain.
These are the corner pieces that come in thier
own seperate box. So if you have corners to do you
have to buy a box (or two) of the flat pieces as well
as a box of the corner pieces. All the stones are random
sizes and it looks very realistic. Which I guess it is,
because it's real stone. But you know what I mean.

No wall prep if you are using this on an inside wall
that will not get wet or moist.
Just butter the back of the stones and stick them on!
So easy! We had to do some cutting and they cut
easily with an electric saw.

Another picture of the corner.
We wrapped it all the way around and
ended with the 'natural' edge next to the
cabinets. We love it.
I have been brainstorming where else
in the house we could put some.

We've had it on for several months now and
it shows no signs of wear and tear and it
cleans off easily with soap and water.
We are very happy with it.


Anonymous said...

Great job! We used airstone for our fireplace all the way to the ceiling line. Every time someone comes into our family room, it garners compliments. Now looking at moving and while we are shopping houses, we are planning where we can use airstone. Again, great job!

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Diana Kamidi said...

How did you cover the bend on the wall that is not a 90degree corner.
It looks like the bend is in the middle of the wall. Next to the chair in your first pucture.

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For this moment is your life."