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Tuesday, March 26

everyday life

Best way to air out.

Why do babies love big kid toys?
Why do big kids love anything that's not a toy?

Baby push-ups!

She's so smiley.
I love it.

It can be very loud and noisy in here sometimes.

Peace is my Power, so says Joyce Myer.
Remain Calm.

We went to the zoo on Spring Break.
And it was so fun!
That's not always the case at the zoo.
Especially when I take them all by myself.

I let them play at the playground.
I never do that.
But I had to feed Meredith.
I don't like big playgrounds like this.
I'm afraid someone will get lost, hurt by other kids,
kidnapped or someone other awful thing that I make
up in my head. So I never let them play in these.
I cannot be in 3 places at once and they all never stay together.
Emma stayed with Tanner for me this time.
Maddox, of course, ran off and made friends with
some other little boy.

They always love map reading.

Everyone survived the play area and I even
bought them a souvenir. I never do that either.
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"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."