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Wednesday, March 27

early planting

Saturday was a pretty warm, nice day here.
Mark has been urging me to get some seeds
growing so we can get going on the garden.
H likes the idea of starting from seeds.

So while he was out with the boys, they
picked up some seed packets and potting soil.

All 3 big kids loved doing this.
It was a really sweet time I had with them.
Crouching on the ground, gathered around the
 trays, their little hands stretched out anxiously
awaiting for their next seeds to plant.
At one point I wished I had my camera, but
I didn't dare get up and go away. I didn't want
to disturb the peaceful time we were having.

We planted 2 kinds of tomatoes, squash, zucchini,
peppers, watermelon, and cucumbers.
I hope we have a big turnout!

We each made our own tray of veggies and
I couldn't find any sticks to mark what was what
so we used blue plastic knives broken in half.
Oh, well it works.

Now Grow!
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