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Sunday, March 31

normal for here

Tanner accidentally(?) flushed his underwear
down the toilet. I walked in just in time to yell,
"NO!" as I saw them swirling about. It scared him
and he tried to grab them out but they were going down
fast and he was afraid to put his hand in there too far.
So down they went.
Mark's hand couldn't fit.
So Maddox tried. We didn't have to 'make' him.
Boys are so gross!
He couldn't reach them.
Mark was going to have to take the toilet apart, but
genius mom stepped in and suggested we try to
fish them out with a wire hanger.
That worked.
Tanner was glad.

Making mud soup.

Meredith Ann likes to be outside.

This picture is so funny.
I propped her bottle up so I could eat my own dinner.

She drank it!
I ate this...

Emma's yummy chicken and green beans.

Mark cleaned all the gutters on the back of the house.

My mom finally came back to visit.

My boys love this job.

Replacing the old pads with new ones.
It keeps them busy for a few minutes.

Emma's favorite time of day.
2:15 because school is out.

Maddox hates time out.
Too bad he goes there so much.

Emma is cool!
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