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Tuesday, April 2

Easter Fun 2013

Easter baskets - not filled to overflowing.
We are cutting back on the whole 'it's a holiday that has nothing to do with buying my kids candy and presents so lets buy them lots of candy and presents' thingy. 
Emma got crocs, a Barbie sing-a-long movie and a headlamp for reading.
Madd got crocs, a headlamp and pokemon cards.
Tanner did get a basket despite the picture not shown (his was blurry). He got a headlamp, Bob the Builder movie, and a Hershey bar. 
Meredith got bunny ears.
We like to hide the baskets in the house and they have to find them.
Went to church where both Meredith and Tanner took a nap during service.
Meredith asleep on me, Tanner asleep on Mark and the Maddox has a nosebleed in Children's Church.
It did not get on his new shirt.
We always go to Mark's parents for lunch, family time, an Easter egg hunt.
No egg hunt this. Too rainy and wet. But much fun, food, and family time.
We had a fun Easter. This day is special because it was one year ago on Easter when
we told our kids (aka everyone) that we were expecting our new little chick Meredith!

Do you stress about Easter outfits?
I used to get stress out about that.
I don't anymore.
That stuff is not what really matters.
I bought the boys those matching shirts and
Meredith and Emma wore new dresses because they
just had new dresses for the season.
Mark and I, we wore the same ol' same ol'.
Nobody noticed or cared.
It was about Jesus and his resurrection.
Not our shoes.
Did you have a good Easter?

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