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Monday, March 11

rare snow day

This past weekend it was 70 degrees outside.
2 weeks ago we had a snow day.
If that's what you call it.
There was just enough snow on the deck
for the kids to play for a few minutes.
You can see the grass was pretty much clear.

Emma went out in her pajamas.

She threw snowballs at the door.

She made a smiley face and wanted me to take
a picture of it.

Here's a cute smiley face!

Trying to catch one on his tongue.

The boys tried to have a snowball fight.

so cute.
Tanner was proud that he was able to get
his Diego gloves on. Every finger in a finger hole.
That took awhile.

These boys are silly together and have alot of fun.

I know. I know. I am behind on blogging.
I'm sure the 4 of you that read here are anxiously
awaiting my next post.
It's coming.
I've had a really busy 2 weeks with cookie making.
The kids started their Spring Break today.
I don't know if that will help or hurt my ability to catch up!
It's pouring rain here.
They are going to ask me to take them swimming.
I don't want to.
Not today.
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