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Tuesday, March 12

Soccer for Tanner

You know Tanner has been wanting to play
a sport for awhile now.
He loves watching Emma and Maddox play,
but he is ready to get in on the action!
He's finally old enough for soccer!
He was giving me a little 'thumbs up' in that
picture up there.

We had his first practice last week.
It was so fun.
He has one of the best coaches at the Y.
yay us!
Emma was out there helping him because I
had the baby with me and she just wanted to.

He's coach was a lot of fun and Tanner really, really
like it and had fun. He ran over to me and said,
"I made 4 goals, mom!"

Later, Emma and Maddox ran over to an empty
field to play on their own.

Meredith took a nap.

Here's to hoping this will be a great soccer season
for Tanner. The first of many!
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