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Saturday, March 16

Soccer Season

***I am cracking UP at myself, because I basically made the same post twice.**
Good grief, I really need to keep up with the blog more lately.
This is what spring break will do to your brain!
Oh well, I'm leaving it so you all now know (if you didn't already)
what a ding a ling I can be sometimes. Enjoy round two of Tanner's soccer post.

Tanner finally has his own sport!
He is so excited.

He has been waiting and watching Emma and Maddox
play for 3 years. The Y offers soccer for 3 year olds.
There was no holding us back!

We are so lucky that he got one of the best coaches
they have to offer. So far he has just had his one
practice. Emma went out there to be his partner
for the first round of practice because Mark was working
and I had Mer with us.

Thumbs up from the line!
He just recently (like in the last 2 months)
learned how to do the THUMBS up.
Remember the roller coaster at the fair
picture? Where he was holding up his pointer instead.

Now he's got it. It just clicked one day.
Growing up. Bummer.

The big kids found a free field and played over there.

Meredith took a nap.
Even though it was freeeeezing out there.
She is such a good girl. We say that all the time.

Here's to hoping Tanner's 1st Soccer Season is
a big fat Success!
(as in no pouting and fit throwing)
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