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Monday, April 29

marking our last firsts...

The 'firsts' go by so quickly.
With Emma we were all excited about her 'firsts'.
Couldn't wait for her to
roll over
sit up
and then they graduate kindergarten and they
are GONE! Boo!
Not really that fast.
With every baby that came along we wanted to
slow them down. Not let them grow up so fast!
But they do anyway.
Darn kids!

Meredith Ann is my last baby.
Last baby that I will give birth to anyway.
She already got her first tattoo.

A little cupcake.

Is she a doll, or what?
I know!

Guess what else she is doing.

Sitting up.
It's adorable.

Grandma got her this picnic
basket for Christmas and she loves it.

She can sit alone for a few minutes
and then...tumble.


We are proud of her.
We are proud every time one of our kids achieves
 a first. It's different when you know it's your last baby.
She is so fun.
It's fun to watch the other kids get very
excited every time Mer has reached a new first.
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