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Tuesday, April 23


Tanner has yet to set foot inside a preschool.
This has given me and him over 3 years of
one on one playtime. Needless to say,
he is one smart kid! We find all kinds of things
to occupy our time together.
Like playing games.
He loves this Jr. Monoply game, Crazy 8, Uno (yes
he is 3 and knows all the rules of uno!), Go Fish,
Memory, and Zingo.  Just to name a few.
He counts the money, buys the property and
completely cheats on this game if he doesn't
get the bowling party or the Clown Party.

I build really cool train tracks.

He plays trains.

We made an obstacle course in the playroom.
We play wipeout in here sometimes.
They love it.
You had to balance on the red blocks,
jump 5 times on trampoline,
climb up the climbing toy thing,
jump in the foam pit (pile of couch cushions),
climb back up,
slide down,
go through the tunnel,
jump the wall,
balance on the yellow blocks and
Whew! I'm tired.

They did it over and over.

Nana was here!
And that is always fun.
She plays all day.

We do alot of playing.
They like to play alone and together.

Playing doesn't have to be sitting in the floor
with them. Though they do love that time with me.
Sometimes playing is me getting the ironing done and
pretending Tanner is the baker that is making and
delivering my lunch. To him, that's playing.
That makes him (them) feel special.

Emma is always willing to help me in the kitchen
when we are pretending its a restaurant and
she works there or we are best friends in high school
(because high school is SO cool)
and we take cooking classes together.
To her, that is playing.

Maddox likes to play games with me
or if I need him to play on his own, I just
get him started and he loves that time with me.
He also loves playing basketball or sports with me.

Play with your kids!
It's your job.
Same as giving them a bath and
putting dinner on the table.
They will never forget it!

EDIT: Just wanted to finish this conversation.
I typed this at 9:30 last night and that is past my bedtime.
I do not always play with my kids. Okay?
If you ask them, I am sure there are plenty of times
that I say, 'not now'.
I do not enjoy playing 'pretend' with them for long periods of time.
Meaning more than 20 minutes.
I do play LOTS of games with them.
Board games, card games, hide and seek, etc.
Those I can enjoy. I like being with my kids.
They are fun and funny.
And sadly fleeting.
I want them to remember that we had fun together.
I want to spark their imagination and creativity.

Sometimes I just get them started on something
pretend (setting up the dollhouse or bat cave or block castle)
or getting an art project started and then they can
take it from there.

I know we are all doing a good job and it gets hard
sometimes but look to the bright side.
Those happy little smiling faces around you!

P.S. NO! No one said anything to me about this post,
I just wanted to finish it!. Now Mer is crying in her bed,
so I must go.
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