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Tuesday, May 21

blogger catch up

This will all be random.
I feel the need to catch up over here.
This house hold has been super busy.
Lots of things on our minds.
The 'thinking of' part of situations has
been a little stressful, a little overwhelming,
a little exhausting.
Blogging has not gotten done because I am
wiped out in the evenings. I go to bed as soon as the
kids are asleep. I have to. I need rest.
I don't have the luxury of sleeping in or even going
back to bed in the mornings. I don't sleep in on Saturdays or
Sundays either.  I really do feel tired most of the time.
Now that it is 9:30pm I am giving myself about 10 more minutes
to finish then I am going to bed.
So here we go.

Mark's birthday was fun.
We made him brownies (his favorite).

Tanner bought him a balloon and wanted him to
blow out candles. Mark bought himself some nice
tools a few weeks ago. That was his birthday presents!

The kids were so excited.
They didn't even ask about presents and those
brownies were GONE in one evening!

It's been HOT, so we went swimming!

We love summer.
We love swimming!
Mom was here. (thank goodness)

Meredith wore her short-shorts.
She had fun sitting on papa's knee.

Maddox thought it was so cute that she was
holding her own bottle. He wanted a picture.

Softball!! Wow. What a season.
Emma has grown alot and I have seen
her confidence build and build.

We have fun at the ball park.
Hanging out with brothers and cousins.

Drinking blue icees, and if it's been
rainy, playing in the mud puddles.

Emma is #4.
She played 3rd base tonight and got 3 outs!
We were so proud of her.
She has done well.

Her coach has been really sweet to these girls.
He has helped Emma learn alot.
We are in tournament week and it is reeking
havoc on our schedules!

Meredith Ann loves ball games too, because she loves
 being outside and watching everyone.
That's it.
Time is up!
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Anonymous said...

The last picture is just too much!!! What a pair. Love it!

Anonymous said...

By the way...the first comment was from me.

Love to all,

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."