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Wednesday, May 22


Emma has been playing 3rd base the last two games.
I am not happy that her team mate is sick,
but I am so glad Emma got this opportunity.
She really showed that she is very capable!
She did awesome.

She has really improved this year.
Softball is so fun to watch.
But then again, so is everything your
kids do. Because we love them, and adore them,
and want them to do well.

We've bee teasing her that she has the 3rd base curse.
She can.not get past 3rd.
Gets out every.time.
Usually she HAS to run and the ball gets hit
right to 3rd so she's out. Sometimes she's on 2nd and
the batter strikes out and sends the team in the dugout,
sometimes she is just too dang slow.
Whatever it has been, the girl cannot score!
But tonight, we broke the curse!!!

She made it HOME!!

AND the Rockies WON!!!!

These girls worked GREAT together!
They are going to the Championship Game
tomorrow night. We are so proud of them!

Emma and Coach John.

Celebratory after game on the Coach's tab Party!!

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