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Tuesday, May 7

Date Night

Mark took Emma on their first date.
Local Chick FilA had a
daddy/daughter date night.
They had a great time.
Emma wanted me to straighten her hair.
They had cute conversation starters and got
to ride in a limo.

They had a great time!

I took the boys on a double date!
We went to the Mother/Son Dance.
The boys loved it.
It was a glow in the dark party.
We showed the world our dance moves.
Oh yeah.
Including the sprinkler and the lawn mower.

Like that picture?
We could not get Tanner to smile.

Date nights are important.
Time spent together is what our
kids want most from us.
Not toys or other 'stuff'.
They just want our time.

Now I just need to date my husband more!

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