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Monday, May 6

random things

That's the new title for all posts lately.
I can't seem to string together a full post about
So here we go.

Tanner locked the fridge.

Something about bad guys.
Because of the woods in the back yard,
the boys play with LOTS of sticks.
They use their imaginations to make them
all sorts of things.
Occasionally they end up in the house.

We have been logging alot of outside play time.
After school, it's eat a snack and go play.
Not much homework or spelling lists because
of recent testing. I think outside play time is
the best play time for them.

Emma is sometimes reluctant.
She will sneak up stairs to watch t.v.
But we limit t.v. around here.
Not as much as we should, but I cannot
stand to see my kids just sitting, starring at the t.v!!
Go play! Write a story! Color! Read! Run around the house
fifty times! I don't care. Just turn off that stupid t.v.!
I sound like that sometimes over here.

Remember winter? When you can't go out!?
Go now!!

Mark and his dad moved the swingset
 into the woods. There is a sweet little clearing
back there that the kids always played in anyway and now
there 'fort' is back there. 
The kids are saving their money for a trampoline.
They are making tally marks on the chalkboard to
keep up with how much they have.
Mark will be building a new larger deck soon and so our
backyard will be the ultimate place to hang out and play!

MerBear likes to sit in front of the open door.

She also has been doing the plank!

She can now get herself from laying down to sitting up!

Maddox loves to climb and jump off of things.





I have been super busy (in a good way) with baking
lots of cookies for The Sweet Shoppe.

Mark built an amazing loft storage in the garage!
It looks awesome.
I love having a husband that knows how to do
these kind of things!

It's raining here today.
Me and the littles will stay home and work
on cookies, play, and clean.

 Have a happy Monday!
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