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Thursday, July 18

The Girls

Emma was holding Meredith's ears as we went
through the car wash.
We weren't sure if she would be scared or not.
She wasn't.
Emma likes taking care of her.
She wants to hold her lots.
carry her around.
play with her on the bed.
pretend she owns a daycare and Mer is her only student.
Meredith loves her.
Emma has been a big help to me.
One day when Mer woke up from her nap crying,
Emma heard her on the monitor and asked me if
I wanted her to go 'happy-her-up!'
I love this picture.
Look at sweet Mer happily sitting on her daddy's knee.
His large daddy hand that holds her has her scooped
up and enveloped completely. She is safe. And she knows it.
And there's Emma. Smiling. Laughing. Loving her daddy.
Never questioning whether he will come home to her or not.
Whether he will be the same happy, loving, giving person
she has always know him to be. He is her constant.
I am so happy that these girls, sisters, have a
wonderful, involved, loving and attentive Christian dad!
Oh, how different their lives will be than mine.
Those hard pre-teen and teen years he will be here for them.
The girls are lucky and blessed.
Girls - your daddy loves you. period.
He wants the best for you. always.
Listen to him. Take advice.
We've been there.
We know what it's like.
REALLY! We do!
Be humble and grateful.
Dear Self,
re-create this picture one day.


amanda persinger said...

sniff sniff....your words are tearfully sweet!

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"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."