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Thursday, July 18

Ages and stages

Mer loves being outside.
She looks so adorable in her little swim suits.
I got her these two cute bathing suits at Children's Place
last year on clearance. Before she was even born!
Isn't that crazy?!
And now here she is wearing them and standing!
Yes. She is standing. She can even bend down, pick
up a toy and most of the time stand back up.
She's growing.
I want to freeze her.
My mom and I were playing with her the other day,
and she was doing all that cute MerBear stuff and
I said, "this is the last time we will have an 8 month old!"
Darn it! But then I look at the other kids and think the same things!
 I LOVE all the ages they are right now.
Perfect little mix of funny, sweet, responsibleish, helpful and precious.
Love. Well, minus the bed wetting. I could skip that stage.
C'mon Tanner!
Tanner (as always) has been so sweet lately.
Saying the sweetest little things.
Mer was on the floor playing and jabbering.
Tanner walks over and asks,
"what did you phay?" (say)
He is also the most grateful child ever.
Says thank you for everything.
Unless he's throwing a fit. Then no one is thankful.
Let's be real. It happens.
He will hopeful read this one day and know that
when his kids throw fits, well, that's normal. Hahaha!
This is Mer's squishy face.
She gets super excited that we think it's so funny,
so she does it over and over causing us to laugh more and more.
I don't want to dread when my kids are teens...but
I kinda do. I pray about their futures. Their friends.
Boyfriends and girlfriends! bleh!!
I like my little kids with little problems.
Like bed wetting and crying fits.

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